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The mountains are calling

…and we must go!

Backyard Basecamp is far more than a summer adventure program. Our trips take 2nd - 12th graders camping, hiking, and backpacking on 1-2 week-long trips around the world. Basecampers face challenges where teamwork and tenacity are essential. We teach wilderness skills, environmental protection, and grow resilience, empathy, and self-respect. You child will experience an unforgettable summer that is simple, unplugged, and close to nature.

Backyard Basecamp maintains a small enrollment in our adventure groups and ensures guides are highly trained and certified. Our programs are designed for Basecampers to experience year after year - deepening the bond of our community and evolving your child’s skills as a mountaineer as they grow.


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Why Climb Everest? Because it is there!

Set out on the trail of our amazing Summit Program.

Find out more about our unique Cairns and see all the awesome badges you can earn!


Backyard Basecamp Stories

Backyard Basecamp takes you to places you want to be…

and gives you memories you never want to forget!

-Jack, 5th Grade Basecamper

“Perfect mixture of adventure, play and games…”

My son tried lots of camps over the years but this was the first one he really loved! He couldn’t wait to go back for the second week. For me, it was a real pleasure having him come home happy and excited for the next morning’s adventure. This was the perfect mixture of adventure, play, and games.

-Christina, Parent

“Each adventure seemed better than the last”

I had a super fun experience! I met a lot of new funny people who I made great friends with. I will definitely be coming back next year for the 2019 summer and I just know that with the amazing camp counselors each adventure seemed better than the last.

-Dachelie, 6th Grade Basecamper