Backyard Basecamp the trailhead to adventure. 


Your summer will start on new territory as your team climbs over the worlds greatest mountains, stopping for cultural experiences, food, and adventures, all while making life-long friends. 

You’ll have the hike of your life, as our trails and mountains aren’t for the faint of heart.

You’ll take the climb as no one has before, finding hidden stories and paths, all on your way to the summit. 

Whether mountains, valleys, or glaciers are your thing, the best summer of your life is only one click away.

Stay true to the trail with Backyard Basecamp.



Tyler and Kara Leigh Alden, founders of Backyard Basecamp, love the mountains. Together they’ve walked over 1,000 miles of trails around the world through Japan, Spain, Norway, Peru, to Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New York. Through these experiences, they’ve learned that mountains are silent, yet wise teachers. 

The lessons learned on mountains are retaught and more deeply understood with each visit and through each step. As you can imagine, these lessons stay with you off the mountain as well - strengthening your awareness and connection throughout life. Here are four favorite lessons they learned on the trail:

  1. You are much stronger than you think.

  2. You are smarter than you think.

  3. You don’t need very much to be very happy.

  4. The best views are hard to get to.

If we, as adults, can learn from the mountains, how important must it be that our children experience these life lessons firsthand? Tyler and Kara Leigh realized their passions as educators could be combined with their love of the outdoors. Backyard Basecamp was born out of the desire to put kids in situations where they too could experience the joy of discovering strength, problem solving, peace, and resilience on a mountain. 

We believe that the wild and sometimes uncertain environment of the mountains, challenges youth in ways that are impossible to replicate in controlled society. We know that the serenity found on a trail contrasts epically with the bustle our day to day and the distraction of screens and technology. We have seen the change in ourselves and others when, after spending a week forgoing many comforts and pleasures of normal life, one returns with a new perspective of contentment and gratitude for all they have.