Backyard Artists

Grades: PreK-1

Explore nature through art and art through nature! Each class takes you outdoors to forage and create.

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Backyard Kitchen

Grades: PreK-1 & 2-4

Embrace your inner forager and cook edible and seasonal food and make incredible nature-based projects!


Backyard Explorers

Grades: K-1 & 2-4

Discover the hidden world around your home in Brooklyn and get hands-on experience playing and learning in nature.


Backyard Basecamp offers a variety of courses for on-site after school programs.

Through exploration and creative play, Backyard Basecamp helps children increase their connection to and love for the outdoors. Our courses combine in-the-field experiences and games and nature awareness practices with classroom learning.

Our students participate in nature walks around the school, in their own “backyards” where they play games, journal, draw, question, and listen to nature. We supplement these experiences with sharing, storytelling, field research, reading, art and other activities in the classroom.

Kids walk away from our programs with habits that enable them to respect nature, and ultimately respect themselves.

We are scrupulous in selecting our teachers because we believe our first priority is to provide students and parents with quality, loving, and professional educators.

Educator Collaborations

Backyard Basecamp collaborates with skilled educators from around New York to create courses that inspire students to be risk takers and more curious about the world around them. We believe that the teacher is as important as the content. Therefore each of our guest educators is carefully selected on their strengths as an empathetic, engaging, and professional instructor.

Adventurer's Guild.png

Using RPGs (Role Playing Games), Adventurer’s Guild keeps a tradition of storytelling alive. Students will create a Dungeons & Dragons character to play throughout the semester. Your only limitation on what you can do is your own imagination.

Lost Mines of Phandelver (gr. 3 - 5)

Join Adventurer’s Guild and explore the four-corners of your imagination in our high-fun roleplaying course for students looking to add a bit of adventure to their afternoon. Groups consist of 12 students and 2 TDMs (Teacher Dungeon Masters). When you aren’t bartering with trolls or braving white-capped seas, you will reinforce your creative writing skills as you dream up their own world, crafting story and narrative outlines with exciting creatures and challenges. Students will have the opportunity to DM a campaign of their own creating for the guild.

$18 /child (up to 12 kids). 12 - 17 week course offered M-F.