Backyard Basecamp 2019 Application

Backyard Basecamp 2019 Application


Thank you for choosing Backyard Basecamp.

Our online application has FOUR sections: Trip Preference, Student & Family Information, Policy Agreements and Payment. If you need help during the process, please do not hesitate to call us during our office hours (Monday - Friday: 9am to 2pm) at +1 (801) 893-2458

To complete this part of the application, you'll need the following:

  • About 10 minutes.

  • Your desired first, second and third choice trips and start dates. If you do not have a second or third choice, you can leave these fields blank.

  • A credit card (Visa or MasterCard) with a valid billing address. Sometimes, international billing addresses are rejected; please call us if you have difficulty applying.

After you apply:

  • Upon clicking submit, you will receive an automated email from Backyard Basecamp confirming that your application has been sent successfully.

  • Your credit card will be charged.

  • During our normal business hours, we will review applications in the order in which they are received.

  • If your first choice trip and start date are available, we will call you to confirm your placement. You will then receive an email with instructions for travel specifics, invoice, and further trip details.

  • If your first choice is not available, we will call you to discuss options.

  • The remaining trip fee invoice will be sent to you after confirmation of your placement. This must be fulfilled by May 1, 2019. Or, if application is received after April 1, within 30 days.

We hope to see you on the trail soon!

I'm ready to Apply!