Course for PreK-1


Explore nature through art and art through nature! Each class takes you outdoors to forage and play. You’ll create mud-face paintings, twig music, leaf prints, bark masks, and other fun artwork using supplies that you collect on nature walks. Let your imagination run as wild as nature itself!

$19 /child (Max 16 students)

12 - 17 week course offered Monday - Friday 


Mud-Face Painting

Leaf Printmaking

Walking Stick Decorating

Twig Mobiles 

Bark Masks

Autumn Leaf Stitching 

Nature Mandala Designs

Bird Feeders 

Nature Photography Walk 

Tree Sistrum 


Intro Game: Play “My Tree” where students try to identify each others “special tree” while blindfolded

Lesson: Discuss the different parts of a tree and how leaves capture the Sun’s energy through photosynthesis

Foraging: Wander and collect 10-15 leaves in paper bag. (We forage only what the forest floor gives us!)

Art Project: With foraged leaves, use ink pads to create mono-prints of leaf patterns 

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