Courses for PreK - 1 and 2-4


Embrace your inner forager and cook edible and seasonal food! Forage, play, and learn outdoors in the park or schoolyard. In the “kitchen,” make tasty treats like cinnamon applesauce, plum crumble, dandelion & lime tea, herb salad and edible flower butter or create useful projects like blackberry ink, beeswax lip balm, and lemongrass salt scrub. Find out just how tasty (and useful) nature can be! 

$19 /child (Max 16 students)

12 - 17 week course offered Monday - Friday 


Cinnamon Applesauce 

“Blooming Butter” & Bread

Lemongrass Salt Scrub

Edible Flower & Herb Salad

Blackberry Ink & Quill Pens 

(Berrys & Cream)

Foraging Tea Party 

Herb & Hive Lip Balm

Elderflower Infused Honey 

Tubers & Roots Mash 

Mulled Apple Juice 


Intro Game: Play “Busy Bees” where children relay race to bring the most “pollen” back to their “hive.”

Lesson: Discuss how bees help us and what products they create. Talk about challenges facing bees today.

Nature Walk: Teach about herbs with healing properties that can be foraged or grown (ie peppermint, chamomile, calendula, etc.) Pass around herbs for observation. 

Cooking Project: Using beeswax, grapeseed oil, and herbs - melt ingredients together and create infused wax. Pour lip balm into take home containers.