Follow the ancient roads of samauri through a handful of the sixty nine post towns along the old Nakasendo Way from Kyoto to Tokyo. Stay in local Japanese inns, eat authentic cuisine, and visit historic temples. Embrace a new culture and step back into history as you challenge yourself to walk miles along history-rich cobblestones.



Day 1-3: Arrive in Osaka and meet your teammates and future best friends, then catch a bullet train to Kyoto, where you’ll settle into a youth hostel for the first few days. From here, we’ll explore mountain temples and shrines - hiking in beautiful places like the famous - Fushimi Inari Shrine or the Arashiyama bamboo groves. In the evenings you’ll experience Kyoto’s vibrant street food and shops.

Day 4 - 7: We train to Nakasagawa, and hike into our first post-town along the ancient Nakasendo road, Magome. This village is full of ancient Japanese architecture; old homes and shops that used to house samurai. We stay at a minshuku, or guest house - run by local host families. We feast on many authentic dishes prepared by our host families and sleep on grass mats after taking a dip in a hot spring bath. From Magome to Tsumago to Fukishima, we hike through the Kiso Valley, encountering local farms, and winding our way along ancient cobblestones. Each day we hike from 3 to 7 miles.

Day 8 - 10: We continue hiking to Narai and Yokokawa, where we encounter pottery artisans and explore mountain temples. We train to Matsumoto, where you’ll see the beautiful Matsumoto castle. We tour the Kamikochi wetlands before catching a train to Tokyo, completing the route of the samurai from ancient Kyoto to Edo.

Day 11-14: We take an early train halfway up Mt. Fuji, and from there you’ll hike to the summit. We sleep in a hostel at the top, and wake to one of the best sunsets of your life - an awesome commemorative to your time in Japan. We head back to Tokyo for a last night on the town. In the morning we train to Osaka where you’ll head home with memories and friendships to last a lifetime.


6 nights in local host minshukus

5 nights in youth hostels

1 night in mountain hut


12 Days

Start/ End Location

Osaka, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

2019 Dates

Contact for Dates


  • Completing grade 8-11 in 2019

  • Groups limited to 12 Basecampers

Challenge Level

4 (1-10, 1 is easiest)

Included In Trip Fee

  • Meals

  • Group Gear

  • Accommodations

  • Activities

Not Included In Trip Fee

  • Personal Gear & Clothing (see what to pack)

  • Airfare/ Transportation to and from trip start & end

  • Trip Insurance (recommended)