Our mission is to provide youth with a foundation of nurture in nature that enables them to confidently experience living and tackling challenges in the wild, through which they grow leadership, enable self-reliance, build empathy for others, and develop their desire protect the environment. We want Basecampers to discover the limitless beauty and opportunity the world holds.



April 1st, 2019

We continue to accept applications past April, but availability is limited.

This summer will be filled with new horizons, meaningful friendships,

and opportunities to make a real difference in the world.

The world is filled with exciting places to explore, but it’s not really about where you go at Backyard Basecamp, it’s about the people you go there with - your amazing co-leaders and your fun and hard working kids - become family. As you tackle challenges big and small alongside one another, relationships deepen as each person learns new things about themselves, discovers talents and grit they didn’t know they had, and forgets their own wants by instead focusing on helping others. No Backyard Basecamp Crew will walk away from their program - wherever they go, whatever they do - as the same people.

At Backyard Basecamp nothing is more important than your commitment to the health, safety, and well being of your co-leader and your kids. This responsibility is a gift that awakens undiscovered levels of empathy and trust, and informs your choices as a leader every second of every day.

The Backyard Basecamp community is filled with motivated and devoted individuals, who value a supportive environment, wholesome relationships, and commitment to good things in life. In all we do, we seek to create a culture of respect: for ourselves, for others, and for the earth. From our office, to leader training, to groups on the mountain a culture of inclusion, acceptance, and support pervades. Leaders embody our mission and have great power in laying the foundations of respect for their groups.

Friendships built on the mountains and trails last! The relationships forged at Backyard Basecamp are built on shared experiences. We value awareness of others, and pitching in with a “how can I help?” attitude. Sharing much more than the miles of trail - you cook meals, set up camp, navigate, pack, play games, shop for food, solve problems, offer support, and so much more - each minute of every day with your Crew. Our leaders, and participants, will stay connected for years following their experience at Backyard Basecamp, growing and developing those relationships in countless ways.

Leading for Backyard Basecamp is filled with opportunity, adventure, meeting challenges, honing skills, and creating unforgettable memories. Yet, it’s so much more - a chance to deepen and broaden your own leadership skills, and discover for yourself the limitless beauty and opportunity the world holds.

We encourage you to apply to join us. Our staff is eager to read your application and meet you! Apply today - we can’t wait to see you on the trail.