Utah’s highest peak has drawn many hikers to it’s challenge and beauty. This 50-miler out and back hike will have you weaving through forests, along crystal clear rivers, and through expansive glacial valleys, all on your way to the rock-scramble to reach the peak. Get ready to see the brightest night sky you’ve ever laid eyes on while camping under the stars.



Day 1: Meet your Team at Manchester Airport and shuttle to trail start. Today, we’ll enjoy a short few mile hike to our first hut and the start of our Appalachian Trail section; Lonesome Lake.

Day 2-3: We stay at Lonesome Lake Hut for a few days, and you will enjoy a morning hikes to nearby peaks, encountering high alpine wildlife, and cooling off with afternoon swims in the lake.

Day 4-6: From hut to hut, you will trek through the gorgeous valleys and along the alpine ridges of the Whites. We hike 4-6 miles a day - perfect distances for beginner hikers (with plenty of time to rest, explore & admire the views, and get in early to our huts!) We drop our packs mid-afternoon each day and spend time playing games with our team and resting. Each night, you feast on a hearty meal of local farm fresh goods - delivered to the top of the mountain! We sleep long and hard on comfy bunks, and wake up early fresh and ready for another day on the trail.

Day 7-9: As we gain elevation towards some of the larger peaks, we will summit a few of New Hampshires highest peaks: Mt. Lafyette and Mt. Hale. One day, we walk along a gorgeous ridge towards the breathtaking Lakes of the Clouds Hut situated on a ridge overlooking Mt. Washington. With each day, our legs grow stronger and our packs seem lighter.

Day 10-11: We complete our hike, after traversing nearly 50 miles along one of the best sections of the Appalachian Trail in what’s been called the “greatest network of trails,” in the East. We stay one night in a youth hostel in town, and leave the next morning for Manchester to fly home or for family pick-up.


4 nights backcountry camping


5 Days

Start/ End Location

Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC)

2019 Dates

Contact for Dates


  • Completing grade 6-8 in 2019

  • Groups limited to 12 Basecampers

Challenge Level

6 (1-10, 1 is easiest)

Included In Trip Fee

  • Meals

  • Group Gear

  • Accommodations

  • Activities

Not Included In Trip Fee

  • Personal Gear & Clothing (see what to pack)

  • Airfare/ Transportation to and from trip start & end

  • Trip Insurance (recommended)