Utah’s highest peak has drawn many hikers to it’s challenge and beauty. This 50-miler out and back hike will have you weaving through forests, along crystal clear rivers, and through expansive glacial valleys, all on your way to the rock-scramble to reach the peak. Get ready to see the brightest night sky you’ve ever laid eyes on while camping under the stars.



Basecampers going on Utah Kings Peak Explorer should prepare for:

  • Full days of outdoor activities led by two caring guides

  • Day hikes to viewpoints and mountaintops

  • A multi-day backpacking trip designed for first-time backpackers

  • A fun, supportive and wholesome Basecamp experience

We expect you to arrive to your trip fully prepared for all activities.

Preparing for the Hiking

On Utah King’s Peak Explorer, you will hike on well-established trails over a wide range of terrain, from meadows to hills to mountains. You’ll carry your full pack for 2 of the 4 days, and the other days (including the hardest day), you will carry a lighter day pack. While backpacking, you will carry all of your belongings (clothes, sleeping bag and pad), meals, snacks and water. Typically when backpacking, pack weights average about 30% of a hiker's weight. In the month before your trip, you should break-in your hiking boots (wear them a lot!) and complete the pre-trip training (see below). Once on your trip, you'll find that enthusiasm and a positive attitude will help to make the trip a success for you... and for everyone in your group.

Pre-trip Training:

  • 4 weeks before your trip: three 45-minute hikes or walks in your boots.

  • 3 weeks before your trip: three 60-minute hikes or walks in your boots.

  • 2 weeks before your trip: three 90-minute hikes in your boots with a backpack loaded with 10% of your body weight.

  • 1 week before your trip: four 2-hour hikes in your boots with a backpack loaded with 20% of your body weight.

Preparing for Basecamp

Backyard Basecamp trips are wholesome, structured experiences with high expectations of each student’s behavior. You are expected to be enthusiastic, positive, helpful and supportive of your trip mates and your leaders. We ask that you leave your cell phone and electronics at home (cameras are always welcome), so you can fully engage with your group and your trip. Arriving ready for a challenge—and prepared to contribute to an enthusiastic group—will go a long way toward creating a successful trip. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss preparing for your adventure! 


4 Days

Start/ End Location

Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC)

2019 Dates

Contact for Dates


  • Completing grade 6-12 in 2019

  • Groups limited to 12 Basecampers

Challenge Level

6 (1-10, 1 is easiest)

Included In Trip Fee

  • Meals

  • Group Gear

  • Accommodations

  • Activities

Not Included In Trip Fee

  • Personal Gear & Clothing (see what to pack)

  • Airfare/ Transportation to and from trip start & end

  • Trip Insurance (recommended)

Each day seemed better than the last!
I met a lot of new funny people who I made great friends with. I will definitely be coming back next year for the 2019 summer.
— Dachelie (2018 camper)